ISSN : 2455-2054


Vol. 2 Issue 2



Synthesis and Characterization of new series of Benzofuran Amide Derivatives

Pages 1-15

Anjali Gupta, Kavita Khatana

Groundwater Analysis in North India: A Review

Pages 16-26

Meenakshi Singh, Meenu Agarwal

Reactive extraction of Sustainable Biolubricant from Wild Castor Seed

Pages 27-34

Subhalaxmi Pradhana, Lalit Prasada, Gitanjali Pradhanc, S.N. Naik

Recent Developments in the Processing and Testing of Nanocomposites: A Review

Pages 35-41

T R Vijayaram and Kumar Sambhav

Emerging Forensic Applications of Nanotechnology

Pages 42-48

Vandan Prasada, Sally Lukoseb, Lalit Prasada


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